About BestSilverPrices

BestSilverPrices is a free service brought to you by JCSGold! We decided to build Best Silver Prices to allow customers to fairly compare prices on many of the most popular bullion products. We have attempted to be fair in all of our comparisons whether this was to our advantage or not. We will show as the cheapest only when we have the cheapest price, but we have no advantage that other dealers do not experience.

As for the comparison method, only products that are available for purchase will be displayed. In order to be available for purchase, products must be in stock, not delayed, and the dealer must be open for orders either online or by phone. We felt that this was the fairest and most useful way to compare prices because who cares about seeing the price of a product you cannot order.

Also in the effort of being fair, we do not charge dealers to be listed on our site. While we cannot promise to get every dealer listed if you know a dealer that should be listed have them e-mail us at info@bestsilverprices.com and we will do our best to work with them to get them listed. We want all dealers to be able to be listed no matter how big or small!

We hope that you agree with us and feel that the comparisons made on our site are fair. However, if you have any recommendations as to how to improve the site or make the comparisons fairer please e-mail us at info@bestsilverprices.com and we will do our best to fix it!